Mortise Locks Series
    • Unique outside handle design which can turn freely when locked, which minimize of damage by force.
    • Emergency exit function on inside handle to ensure safety.
    • When locked, outside handle turns freely whereas regular handle are fixed. 
    • Free turning handle can effectively reduce damage and sagging overtime.
    • When locked, handle would start to sag with regular locks when force of 250KG is applied. Lock with free turning design resolves this issue.
    • Deadbolt and latch would both retract when inside handle is turned on US/EU standard locks, applicable for emergency uses.
    • For commercial grade, lock can always be disengaged from inside handle.
    • More than 20 types of lock combinations; versatile selections to suit every room’s requirement.
    • EU handle series can be used for both EU and US locks.


  • More than 95% of the break-in are done by damaging the lock because breaking the cylinder is easy and commonly used method.
  • US standard cylinder would be secured by a long screw after turning cylinder 8mm into the thread.