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    Exit Devices

    Designed to be easy-to-install and maintenance-free, e-marks fire exit devices come in a variety of offerings including rim, mortise, surface mounted vertical rod device, concealed vertical rod device…etc.
- Safety (Panic) and Fire Rated exit versions.
- Non-handed, push bar to retract latch for easy exit.
- Auxiliary latch
- All components and parts are made of high rust-resistant alloy or heavily electroplated
  steel to prevent from corrosion.
- Extruded aluminum or stainless steel housing
- Baked powder coating, electroplated or architectural base material finish.
- All kinds of strike, lever trims and other accesories are available.
- Device with dogging alows latch to be fixed on thown or retracted position for different
  application purpose.   
     Rim type, applicable for
      - Single exit doors
      - Doors in warehouse
       - Fire exit doors in commercial or public buildings 
     Mortise lock type, applicable for
      - Single doors in store front
      - Staiwell doors
      - 3-hour fire rated pair of doors
      - Doors with high security concerned
    SVR type (Surface mounted vertical rod), applicable for
     - Double egress application
     - Grand staircase doors
     - All exit doors in concert hall, indoor stadiums, theaters, casinos, stations,
       airports, and shopping centers
     - All emergency exit doors in office buildings
     - Any pair of doors in factories.
    CVR type (Concealed vertical rod), applicable for
    - All interior passage doors in hospitals
    - Any exit door in apartments or residential buildings where disability free access
      is required.
    - Aesthetic concern