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    Mortise Locks - Euro Standard

    Compliant with British and GB standards, our mortise locks with full range of function meet different demand for commercial, institutional and industrial applications.  
 - More than 10 types of lock combinations; versatile selections to fit different room’ s
 - For single wood or hollow metal doors with thickness 40 -50 mm
 - For residential, commercial, industrial and institution buildings where high
   security is required.
 - Outside lever can be set to "free operating".
 - Full reversible
 - Lock case: Zinc plated steel, 6-17/20" (174 mm) x 4-33/100" (110 mm) x 7/10" (18 mm)
 - Faceplate: Stainless steel or solid brass, 9-1/2" (241 mm) x 43/50" (22 mm)
 - Backset: 60 mm