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    • US standard hinge is constructed with top nut and pin as 1 piece, which is more durable and allows smooth movement. Separate top nut and pin would cause lock-up over time.
    • Non-removable and falt button pins available
    • Different shape of hinge and tip available
 Product Categories
     Five Knuckle-Full Mortise
         - 2 Ball Bearing (Wide Throw/ Swing Clear / Through Wire)
         - 4 Ball Bearing (Swing Clear/ Through Wire / Heavy Duty)
     Three Knuckle-Full Mortise
         - Plain Bearing
         - Concealed 2 Ball Bearing (Wide Throw / Heavy Duty, frame inserted)    
         - Fully Concealed 
     Concealed & Spring 
         - Three Knuckle Spring
         - Concealed Manual
         - Concealed Semi-Automatic Closing